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Off the grid


This architectural timber frame house is (almost) self-sufficient for water, heating/cooling and electricity. The soul of the house is in the recycled wooden floors and the pure materials.

Nature is never far away: the plants filter our water and the sun supplies our electricity. The house always feels cozy and is well ventilated thanks to natural insulation materials and a high-tech ventilation system.

Wooden floors

After being used at trade fairs and shows by the manufacturer, the wooden planks are given a second life. No damage was done to trees. To protect the floor, we have a no-shoes policy. In addition, we have underfloor heating for comfortably warm feet.

Ventilation and temperature

Experience the difference with a 'normal' stone house.
The natural insulation (flax and paper) ensures that the wooden house is energy efficient. The ventilation ensures an even temperature and supports the underfloor heating and cooling.

Rainwater, no chemicals 

Almost all of the water you will use is filtered rainwater. The water plants on the terrace have this great filtering power. They also recycle the water in our hot tub. Therefore it is not possible to add oils, aromas or anything else to the water. Our plants will thank you.

Sustainable bed linen and towels

Yumeko's organic cotton is manufactured with lower water consumption and is completely free of pesticides.

24h solar energy

On our southern site you will be able to see both sunrise and sunset. The sun provides almost all of our electricity needs. Try to use as little power as possible at night, as you depend on the house battery. Could you run the dishwasher during the day? It is also beneficial to shower during the day when there is daylight.

Shower with rainwater

Feel the softness of the rainwater on your skin and enjoy! Please use our healthy body care products. They contain no harmful ingredients (we like to research).

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